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Builder's Risk

Builder's Risk is a specialized type of property insurance designed for buildings under construction and has proven to be an essential risk transfer method. Every project is different, which means that no two builders risk policies are alike. It is, no doubt, complex, but that is why vis here…to make it accessible and easier to understand.

Who needs it?

  • Any person or company with a financial interest in a construction project
  • Stakeholders, including property owners as well as the general contractors

Targeted Classes:

  • Residential: Single Family/ Apartment/ Condo
  • Mercantile: Shopping Center/ Restaurants
  • Office
  • Hotel/ Motel
  • Institutional: Schools, Prisons, Municipal Exposures
  • Infrastructure/ Roads/ Bridges

All limits will depend on project type and location. Coverage available in all 50 states with favorable terms on named storms, earthquake, and flood.