About VFIB

VFIB Mission, Vision, and Values

Please find the information below about VFIB's Mission, Vision, and Values.


Valley Forge Insurance Brokerage (VFIB) is a team of high achievers dedicated to delivering a quality product for its carrier partners.

We strive to efficiently place lines of business for retail agents who have difficulty finding markets for various commercial or specialty lines of business.


To be a leading expert at finding appropriate markets for retail agents and the most trusted underwriting manager for nationally recognized insurance companies.


VFIB is a team of high achievers who focus their efforts around people, profitability, risk management, and excellent service.

At VFIB, we never lose sight of the fact that people do business with those they know and trust, and trust has to be earned.
We look to earn the trust of our stakeholders every day.

VFIB distinguishes itself through service. We are focused on delivering an underwriting profit for our carrier partners and helping them expand their footprint in the markets where they want to compete.

VFIB’s culture values work life balance for our staff. A balanced personal life and career can support excellent service for our customers.